It’s been over two years, but finally on Sunday April 24 at 5:30 Stellina welcomes the return of one of the most popular events we’ve ever offered, our NATIVE MUSHROOM TASTING.

Since Stellina’s beginnings thirty years ago, mushrooms have always been an important part of our menu. Italian and Mediterranean cuisines make extensive use of them, in hearty stews, delicate sautes, grilled platters and, of course, our ever-popular Handmade Strangozzi Pasta with Exotic Mushrooms.

The focus of this unique event centers on the amazing range of mushrooms produced and harvested in the northern New England area by native farmers and foragers. On a weekly basis these pioneers deliver their super-fresh, just-picked product to Stellina’s back-door, where it is transformed into the dishes that we serve every night.

Imagine Baby Shiitake Mushrooms as small as your pinky finger, sweet, nutty and amazingly tender. Their flavor adds an earthy quality to a plate of Broiled Gulf of Maine Grey Sole.

Chestnut and Butterscotch Mushrooms feature stunning woodland brown and sunshine gold caps. Their sprightly appearance and firm texture make it the perfect accompaniment to a steak of Grilled Sirloin or Leg of Lamb.

From the grill we’ll taste meaty King Oyster Mushrooms, sliced into long steaks and seared with a double-Umami blast of balsamic vinegar and organic soy sauce. Compare them with multi-colored Blue and Yellow Oyster Mushrooms just lightly stir-fried with garlic and fresh herbs.

We’ll try the thin-as-a-leaf-of-grass Enoki Mushroom on a seasonal spinach Salad, before¬† jumping to an infusion of dried Black Trumpet Mushrooms, one of the most fragrant varieties in the world.

Finally we’ll perform an act of culinary trickery by converting the bold Lion’s Mane Mushroom into a plate of Crabmeat-Free Crab Cakes. The long strands of the Lion’s Mane imitate the texture of local Blue Crab, while their full flavor produces a vegan recipe hearty enough that even devoted meat eaters can enjoy.

The Native Mushroom Tasting will consist of Five courses. The event is hosted by Stellina Chef Marc Bouchard, who will provide background information as well as cooking tips for knowledgeable amateur chefs.

Cost for the event is $38 per person. Stellina’s complete wine, bar and beverage list will be available for the event.

Reservations are required. Call 617-924-9475 or go to our reservation page.