“The Captain is coming! The Captain is coming!”

Stellina revives one of our most popular events on Wednesday April 8 at 6:30 when we welcome back Kim Marden of Captain Marden’s Seafoods for another¬†Massachusetts Seafood Tasting.

Captain Mardens has been Stellina’s exclusive fishmonger for over 28 years, during which time Kim Marden has given us invaluable guidance in choosing only the best available local and imported seafood products. He’ll be present to provide that same assistance for all our guests, providing insider tips for finding the best seafood.

Have you wondered whether Hake tastes anything like Haddock? (It does. Tasters were torn as to which was better) Or whether Skate makes a good substitution for Sole? (It does) Does pitch-black Squid Ink Risotto have a fishy flavor? (Not at all..it’s actually rather sweet).

Past seafood tastings included side-by-side comparison tastings of both famous and underutilized species, special recipes from the Veneto and Sicily and usually a couple of surprises. In fact the menu for this evening won’t be finalized until just hours before the event, so that we may take advantage of whatever is freshest in the marketplace.

We’ve compared Nantucket bay with Sea Scallops, enjoyed shellfish baked “En Cartoccio” and had our first taste of Rhode Island-caught John Dory fish. With each sample Kim gives background and answers queries, while chef Marc Bouchard provides cooking tips.

Price for the tasting will be $35 per person, including all food served. Wine and other beverages will be available from our full-service bar and wine list. Reservations are required. Call 617-924-9475 or go to our reservation page.