Stellina has finalized a schedule for Sunday Nights At The Opera for the remaining months of 2014. All events feature three sets of live music and a three-course, family-style meal in an informal and convivial setting.

Our new season starts on Sunday October 5th with ” Oktoberfest”. This is our salute to all things German, both food and song. A little Wagner, a little Goulash, a little Strauss…you get the picture!

Opera-On-Tap singers and pianists will return on Sunday October 26th as we celebrate Halloween a little bit early with “Devils and Demons”. There’s no shortage of mystics, Mephistophelean characters and monsters in both opera and musicals, and we’re sure to serve a few recipes with a devilish personality to accompany them.

Prior to the Holiday period we’ll take one last moment to relax with “Greatest Hits” on Sunday November 16th. Greatest hits means exactly that: not only the best music from opera, song and musicals, but some of Stellina’s most popular dishes from our 28-year old history.


Once we’ve made it alive through the Holidays, it’s time to treat ourselves to a Post-Holiday Special on Sunday December 26th. If you have family and friends visiting, this will be the perfect program for the whole entourage. Bright and lively hits from Johann Strauss, Jacques Offenbach, Mozart and others to prepare us for a New Year.

All Opera Nights are $48 per person, including all food and entertainment. Music is provided by Opera-On-Tap/Boston. Reservations are required.