Author’s Night returns on Wednesday June 10 at 6:30 with another doubleheader, presenting two authors reading and discussing their latest releases. As always our Author’s Nights are FREE.

Leading off will be Randy Susan Meyers and her novel “Accidents of Marriage”. Randy, a Boston native, has had three books on best seller lists, including Accidents, which has made the Top Ten lists of both People Magazine and Kirkus Reviews.

“…beautifully written, poignant and thought-provoking, this novel refuses to succumb to stereotypical reader expectations, making it even more memorable.”-  Boston Globe

Randy’s book is imbued with the importance of justice, both its pursuit and and purpose and she has spent a life helping others, particulalry the disadvantaged, find it. And these  qualities come through eloquently in her writing.

“…puts a Boston family overwhelmed by a tragic accident underneath the literary microscope”- Kirkus Reviews

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Joining Randy will be author E.B. Moore with her novel “An Unseemly Wife”.

It’s the story of an Amish family in the 1860’s and their travels and travails while part of a covered wagon team heading west from Pennsylvania. In writing this, her first novel, she draws heavily upon her upbringing on a farm in Amish country in Lancaster Pa.

“This lilting, image-filled first novel…shifts seamlessly among time periods and between narrative and letters….heart-wrenching and satisfying.”- Publisher’s Weekly

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Reservations are NOT required for author’s night, except for those interested in having dinner after the talk.

A cash bar is available and copies of both books will be on sale courtesy of Haley Booksellers.