It will be a very special AUTHOR’S NIGHT on Thursday May 12 at 6:30, as Stellina welcomes author, lawyer, world traveler and close personal friend GWEN ROMAGNOLI and her just published memoir LEARNING TO BE A WIDOW: Stories of Love, Loss and Lessons Learned Along the Way.

“….a narrative about love and loss, and finding meaning in relationships, at any age and in any circumstance. Sensitively observed and beautifully written.”- Jessica Treadway, “Lacy Eye”

This book, written after the death of Gwen Romagnoli’s beloved husband, Franco, is a collection of essays written to explore her new life situation, and grieve his loss. Some of the essays were previously published in the Boston Globe. Others are new, written for this collection.

Gwen has written numerous personal essays as well as travel and food articles for not only the Boston Globe, but also the Los Angeles Times, and the American Express Magazine.

Together, she and Franco wrote Italy, the Romagnoli Way: A Culinary Journey, about lesser-known places in Italy.


“How does one get used to being a couple and then suddenly a non-couple? After my first marriage fell apart, I was a single mother for almost 25 years. During that time I went to tons of movies by myself and never had a second thought about it. It was a totally normal part of my life.

Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would meet the new love of my life in my later years and then become so naturally and immediately one-half of a couple. But from the moment it happened, Franco and I were inseparable. We went everywhere and did everything together for 13 years.

He’s been gone from my life for more than two years now, and I still cannot adjust to not being a couple anymore. How did I ever do it during those many years when I was single? And why can’t I do that now?…”– Gwen Romagnoli, Boston Globe 3/29/2011

Author’s Night is a free event. Reservations are not required. A cash bar is available for our patrons, and copies of Gwen’s book will be available for purchase courtesy of Haley Booksellers.