Like most special events, this one happens but once a year, and then is gone forever. So plan now to be at Stellina on Sunday October 21 at 5:30, as we present our ANNUAL MUSHROOM DINNER.

Mushrooms have always figured prominently on our menus, since we first opened more than thirty years ago at Stellina’s original location on Galen Street. Wild and cultivated, local and imported, fresh and dried: we use them all, sometimes in traditional Italian recipes, other times in more adventurous ways.

At our dinner this year the focus is on perhaps the only European country that’s crazier about mushrooms than Italy, namely its neighbor France. Like the Italians, the French know how to bring the best out of their ingredients. Plus, they’re not afraid of going out on a limb and taking risks in the search of new sensations.

The menu will present the best mushrooms available in the marketplace, as sourced from a variety of different vendors, growers and foragers. Five courses will run the gamut of flavor and color. We will present as many varieties as we possibly can.

SPECIAL GUEST: Our guest speaker and resident mushroom expert is JULIA COFFEY of MYCO TERRA FARM in Deerfield, Mass. Julia has been our most valued supplier of locally grown and foraged mushrooms for several years now, and her products are featured in many of our dishes, most notably the WILD MUSHROOM PASTA which is one of our biggest sellers.

COST FOR THE MUSHROOM DINNER IS $45.  PER PERSON, which includes all five + courses. Our complete bar and wine list will be available for our guests. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. PLEASE CALL STELLINA AT 617-924-9475 TO MAKE YOUR RESERVATION IN PERSON, SO AS TO INSURE PROMPT CONFIRMATION.


STELLINA presents our


Sunday October 21, 2018

“Champignons: The French Connection”


with Julia Coffey of MycoTerra Farms



Porcini, White Oyster, Shiitake, Portobello, Crimini, White Truffle


A l’Escargot

Black Poplar, Brown Beech, White Beech, Shiitake


A la Bearnaise

Hen of the Woods


Les Pates au Pistou de Noix

Lobster, Blue Oyster, King Oyster, Abalone


Saumon aux Cepes et Girolles

Porcini, Chanterelles


Gateau au Chocolat made with Callebaut Chocolate and, yes, Mushrooms!

ABOUT MYCOTERRA: Mycoterra Farm is located in DEERFIELD, MA. Julia, Mycoterra Farm’s founder and owner, has been a mycology enthusiast for many years. With a passion for growing things and wanting to grow a business of her own, she decided a mushroom farm would be an excellent complement to the Pioneer Valley’s robust local agricultural economy. Buying Mycoterra mushrooms or signing up for our Mushroom Club Card keeps your dollar local and supports local farming and sustainability. Mycoterra mushrooms are handcrafted in small batches and picked fresh for delivery. We take pride in producing diverse varieties of quality gourmet mushrooms. We grow more than just mushrooms. We strive to leave the planet better than we found it. Using agricultural and forestry byproducts as our primary growing mediums, our natural methods of production accelerate decomposition, building soil and cycling nutrients – critical processes for healthy ecosystems. We use our exhausted substrates as soil amendments on our farm to help restore an old gravel bank, prevent erosion and to build organic matter in our annual and perennial garden beds.