Get a head start on MARDI GRAS when SUNDAY NIGHT AT THE OPERA presents “A MASKED BALL!” on SUNDAY FEBRUARY 26 at 5:30.

Mardi Gras, or as the Italians call it CARNEVALE, is a time for revelry, luxurious food sand celebratory music, before the sober solemnity of Lent begins. Stellina will combine the exciting music of the singers of Boston’s OPERA-ON-TAP with another of our festive three-course dinners.

As many of our patrons know, A Masked Ball is the title of one of Guiseppe Verdi’s most popular opera, Un Ballo In Maschera. Opera-On-Tap’s musical program will draw from Verdi as well as other sources. It’s sure to include plenty of operatic classics, great songs from musicals and more than a few party numbers and drinking songs.

The cast for this event includes some of our favorite singers, including Rachele Schmiege, soprano, Stephanie Scarcella, mezzo, Stefan Barner, tenor, and a newcomer, baritone Kyle Bejnerowicz. Pianist James Myers will provide the accompaniment.

Because we know that our patrons are a fun-loving bunch, we’re hoping that they’ll help us by getting in the spirit of the Carnevale. We encourage anyone who’d like to dress up for the evening, whether it’s a cape or hat, a sash, a feather, a mask or even a full-length costume. We only do this one other time during the year (Halloween, of course), and the singers will be in disguise, so why not join the fun?

To maintain an authentic Carnevale atmosphere, the evening’s menu is inspired by the food of the northern Piedmont city of Ivrea, where celebrating the Carnevale is taken very, very seriously. How seriously? Well, every year just before the event an entire trainload of Blood Oranges from Sicily, totalling 60 Tons, arrives in Ivrea. As Carnevale approaches, teams of men begin a violent battle as they pummel each other by throwing thousands and thousands of oranges at each other. The war of the oranges runs for three days, at the end of which the entire town is covered in orange pulp and juice. Then they all sit down to eat a giant dinner.

In tribute to the stalwart warriors from Ivrea, the evening begins with a Stellina wintertime favorite, a Blood Orange, Baby Arugula and Red Onion Salad. We’ll follow with the popular Piedmontese specialty Beef braised in Barolo wine, along with fresh Garganelli pasta with Gorgonzola and Asparagus, and Roasted Whitefish with Wild Mushrooms and Bechamel.

Make sure to save room for dessert, because we are highlighting one of Piedmont’s other gifts to humanity, the decadent chocolate and hazelnut spread called Nutella. We will serve crisp Cannolis filled with Nutella, Ricotta cheese and Hazelnuts, accompanied by homemade cookies.

SUNDAY NIGHT AT THE OPERA is $55 per person, including all food and entertainment. Reservations are required. Call 617-924-9475 or go to the Reservation page of this website.