Sunday Night At The Opera returns for our annual Halloween Party on Sunday October 30 at 5:30.

Combining Opera and Halloween seems so natural, since they have so much in common. Grand Opera is the natural habitat for costumed characters with the taste for all things flamboyant, scary, absurd, magical, demonic and mystical.

The singers and musicians of Boston-based OPERA-ON-TAP will draw from numerous sources to bring us a program that reflects the gaiety, the fun and the mystique of Halloween. Our Halloween events have been among the most entertaining of the year, with everyone on both sides of the footlights getting into the spirit of the night.


Scott Ballentine, baritone
Chelsea Beatty, soprano
Austin Burns, tenor
Jessica Johnson Brock, mezzo soprano
Sally Vanderploeg, accompanist


Set 1:

  • Good & Evil (Jekyll & Hyde) – Chelsea

  • Schicklegruber (by Kurt Weill) – Austin

  • Afraid, Am I Afraid? (The Medium) – Jessica

  • Mab, la reine des mensonges (Romeo et Juliette) – Scott


Set 2:

  • Tower Aria (Turn of the Screw) – Chelsea

  • Look through the portal (Billy Budd) – Scott

  • Und was Bekam des Soldaten Weib (by Kurt Weill) – Austin

  • For Good (Wicked) – Chelsea & Jessica


Set 3:

  • Agony (Into the Woods) – Austin & Scott

  • Ah, the smell of the night (Fantastic Mr. Fox) – Scott

  • Samira’s Aria (Ghosts of Versailles) – Jessica

  • Phantom of the Opera Duet – Austin & Chelse

As usual the evening includes three sets of music interspersed with a three course dinner. In keeping with the theme, we’ve chosen a menu that hopefully reflects the mood:


Gravedigger’s Salad with Witches Fingers

Drunken Seafood

Smashed Pumpkin, Torn Cabbage and Smoked Goat Cheese Pasta

Transylvanian Chicken

Red Devil Cake


Sunday Night At The Opera is $49 per person. Reservations are required.

Call 617-924-9475 or go to the reservation page of this website.