One of Stellina’s most successful recent events was our autumn Seafood Tasting, an evening of comparative sampling of the best New England seafood paired with commentary by the dean of Boston seafood, Kim Marden of Captain Marden’s Seafood.

On Wednesday  May 28 at 6:30 Kim will return to help us continue our exploration of local bounty with an Massachusetts Seafood Tasting, not only trying new species but testing them in recipes from the Veneto region of Italy.

We’ll start with side-by-side comparisons of samples picked that very day by Kim Marden from the docks and boats he buys from. Then we’ll enjoy tastings of Italian seafood recipes prepared in classic and new wave Venetian style.

Venetian restaurants are legendary for a number of unique seafood preparations, including updated versions of Mediterranean Crudo (Italian sashimi) and Ceviche, handmade pastas with tiny shrimp from the lagoons and brilliant black risotti flavored with squid ink.

Guests are urged to ask questions throughout the evening. This is your chance to get the answers from the expert. (Captain Mardens Seafoods of Wellesley has been fish mongering for over 65 years!)

Price for the tasting is $25 per person, which includes all tasting samples. Beverages, tax and gratuity are extra.

This is a unique opportunity to both expand your knowledge about local, sustainable products, and to learn the best way to prepare them.

Call 617-924-9475 for reservations or go to the reservation page of this website.