Stellina brings back one of its most popular events on WEDNESDAY MARCH 3O at 6:30, with the return of another SEAFOOD TASTING.  As in the past, KIM MARDEN of Wellesley’s Captain Marden’s Seafood will be our guest speaker and expert-in-residence regarding all things that come from the briny blue.

Past Seafood Dinners have offered our guests an opportunity to compare a variety of seafood species and recipes, with a strong emphasis on locally-caught- or-harvested shellfish and flatfish. We’ve presented a range of preparations, utilizing uncommon but delicious varieties such as Hake, Skate, John Dory, Striped Bass and Tautog, fish that are native to our waters but not often seen.

On March 30th the focus is on CLASSIC SEAFOOD, or “RETRO RECIPES” from the last century (and before) that have almost completely disappeared from modern restaurants. Fifty years ago these dishes formed the backbone of any quality seafood restaurant’s menu, including legendary  Boston names such as Anthony’s Pier Four, Jimmy’s Harborside and the Locke Ober’s.


Atlantic Salmon Cake with Dill Remoulade

Olde English Potted Shrimp

New Bedford Chaudiere, aka Chowder

Finnan Haddie

Spaghetti with Black Olives and Homemade Cured Tuna

Baked Sole with Crabmeat and Sauce Newburgh

Remember Finnan Haddie, that Irish-inspired dish of savory Smoked Haddock simmered in a delicate cream sauce? Or Jimmy’s Harborside’s famous Baked Sole smothered in a rich Newburg sauce?

How about Olde English treats like Potted Shrimp, a confit of small shrimp served on toast points? And let’s not forget our most famous regional recipe, New England Seafood Chowder, or “Chaudiere” as the French sailors called it. In a move straight out of Melville’s Moby Dick we’ll pull out an original 1820’s New Bedford recipe that calls for baking it with fresh Cape Cod seafood, pilot crackers and salt pork.

Not every retro recipe is a gem. We’ll show how some of these dishes can be modernized to be both healthy and delicious.

For instance, we’ll entirely redo the dish that was every 1950-and 60’s school-kid’s nightmare, Canned Tuna Noodle Casserole, made with Campbell’s condensed soup.  Digging into our experience with Italian cuisine, we can taste a Sicilian Pasta tossed with Tuna, Capers and Olives that is a revelation.

As always, Kim Marden will be available to guide us through the maze, answering questions regarding availability, sourcing and sustainability of our local seafood resources. And Chef Marc Bouchard will moderate the event, answering queries about the recipes and their preparation.

Cost for the five course dinner is $38 per person. Stellina’s complete bar and wine list will be available for purchase.

Reservations are required. Call 617-924-9475  or go to the reservation page of this website.