On WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 28 at 6:30 Stellina welcomes back KIM MARDEN of Captain Marden’s Seafood for another amazing Seafood Tasting. This time it’s an ALL-LOBSTER TASTING, featuring every New Englander’s favorite crustacean in a variety of guises.

If you’ve attended our annual Seafood Tastings in the past, you already know how much fun they are. We recreate our most popular recipes in an effort to show off the amazing native seafood that our waters offer, accented with thoughtful (and sometimes humorous) commentary from our favorite fishmonger, Kim Marden of Wellesley’s Captain Marden’s Seafood. Regarded as the premier seafood specialist in the Boston area, and backed by his family’s long experience in the trade, his knowledge and insights are always fascinating.

But this particular evening will be very different. For the first time we are focusing on just one individual specie. In fact, the one specie of Atlantic seafood that is most closely identified with our region in the warmer months: Lobster!

As in the past Chef Marc Bouchard will emcee the event. The menu is designed to show off American Lobster in a variety of ways, both traditional and modern, American and international.

From the bayous of Louisiana we’ll sample a rich, deep Lobster Gumbo, redolent with tomatoes and peppers, accented with garlic and sausage, featuring a super-rich Lobster Stock base. Imagine Lobster Bisque with triple the flavor.

From the Mediterranean we’ll try Spanish-inspired Lobster Croquetas, crispy fried morsels of creamy bechamel studded with chunks of fresh lobster meat, set against a sharp Garlic-Almond dipping sauce. And, of course, the classic Italian Lobster Fra Diavolo, with whole lobster simmered in a spicy tomato sauce and served over fresh pasta.

Lobster Rolls are the classic summer treat. We’ll prepare our version of Lobster Sliders with freshly shucked lobster meat still warm from the steamer.

The AMERICAN LOBSTER (Homarus americanus) is prized throughout the world for its flavor, and New Englanders are lucky to have some of the most fertile breeding grounds located at their doorstep in the waters of the North Atlantic. Centuries ago lobsters were considered trash fish, better suited as garden fertilizer than for human consumption. How times have changed!

In the past 150 years, Lobster has become the epitome of elegant dining. Continental, French and Italian cuisine developed amazing recipes to showcase this sumptuous shelled delicacy in a better light. And New England’s own style of cooking became strongly identified with Lobster, with the advent of Steamed Lobster, Lobster Roll and Lobster Stew.

1024px-Lobster_trap Lobster_in_Boston Cost for the dinner is $45 per person, including all food served. Stellina’s entire wine, liquor and beverage list will be available for our guests. Reservations are required. Call 617-924-9475 or go to the reservation page of this website.